Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

The Record of Fugitives > Book 1 (1855) > page [44]



18, + had run away three times before, when hired out. Thought best, this time to go for good. Is a nephew of Phyllis Galt, sent to Boston, Nov. 30. His father paid $30 to y captain of y take him.

Benjamin Dickinson of Eatontown, N.C. was y first go on board y schr. in Jany. last. He had been frozen up at various places since that time, y Capt. keeping him carefully concealed.   Belonged to Miss Ann Blunt. Left a free wife behind, who is to follow. Has friends in New Bedford.        

Daniel Robinson, Petersburg, Va. P.B. Wales master, gave y capt. of a vessel--not y above– $80 to bring him to Phila. A woman + her children, also fugitives, were with him. [According to Still they did come on same vessel as above]

Sent to Albany.

Nath'l West, belonged to N.D. Bowie of Near Washington, was a servant at Barnum's Hotel at Baltimore.  A big mulatto + evidently a gentle servant. Had been advised by friends here of y practicability of escape, so bought a ticket at y depot, + came off in y cars like a gentleman. Sent to Albany

Expenses of all except B. Dickerson.                                           $11

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