Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

The Record of Fugitives > Book 1 (1855) > page [11]



Aug. 31. Frances Hilliard from Richmond Va. had hired her own time, lived with her mother. But her husband having left a year ago, on an English vessel, + gone to Liverpool, + afterward to Canada, she was anxious to join him. Having an acquaintance on board a Phila steamer, she agreed to go away with him, and with great difficulty, went on board on a stormy night; at midnight. Her friend concealed her till they arrd at Phila. Her mother did not know of her intention of escaping, as Frances was fearful that her excitement might arouse her suspicion. Sent her forward -
Passage + food.                                                                        3.50

Sept 1. Charles Holliday belonged to Henry Smith of Baltimore, left there on y 31st of Aug. by y cars, for Phila, + came thro' immediately. Ran away because he was whipped when too ill to work. One of y family (Mahlon Talbot, County Clerk)
advised him to run away, promised to get him his free papers. Charles's term of slavery would have expired in two years + a half.
Sent to Syracuse-
Expenses.                                                                                  4.37

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