Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

The Record of Fugitives > Book 1 (1855) > page [29]



getting away too fast. He would make sure of his." John took y hint, + put himself in his own pocket.

Washington Bordley, of same place, belonged to Geo. Westcott, prest. of Chestertown Bank, who treated him hardly, + threatened to sell him. He suggested y plan of escape to John, which was put into execution within a couple of days.

Has a free mother, + a brother + two sisters slaves.                                                                                                                                                        8.50

Dec. 19th.

Mary Curtis, 19 yrs. or age, slave of Ben Gwyner of Chester Co. Md. house-maid. Has been living for four years with a Mrs. Grant in Baltimore, where she was sent because her health failed from doing farm-work. Gwyner died recently + hearing that y slaves were to be sold, a free colored woman induced her to leave, + gave her money to pay her way to Phila. Left father +mother behind her.                                                                                                                                              3.75


Dec. 21 James Griffin of Baltimore Co. Howard Township, 22 years old. Johsua Fitch, master.

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