Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

The Record of Fugitives > Book 1 (1855) > page [28]



they met took them to y colored church, + there they fell among friends. Jacob from that time till quite recently drove a horse on y Canal from Millersburg to Wrightsville, Cornelia remaining at Millersburg.

            Jacob had been promised his freedom at 21 by his mistress, but she dying before that time, he was taken by Hutchins + held as his slave. Cornelia was about to be sold but not liking her proposed new master, determined to cleave to her husband.

Sent to Albany.                                                                                 $2

John T. Jones of Chestertown, Md. left home at night, taking a horse belonging to Richd S. Thomas, + a buggy belonging to his niece, Mary Sharks, who lived nearby, + drove to Wilmington, Del. where he arrd y next morning. Was taken to Thos. Garrett, by a colored man, + by him forwarded on his way to Phila. Left behind him wife, father, mother, + two brothers, who are all free. John had overheard his master say, that "when he got his corn crop in he meant to put some of his darkies in his pocket, as they were

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