Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

The Record of Fugitives > Book 1 (1855) > page [27]



Travelled only in y night. In two days reached Delaware City, thence to Wilmington + Darby, all y way on foot. At Darby stopped one night with a Mrs. Jackson, a Quaker. Sent on to Phila. + slept all y next night in a milk wagon, but was very cold. Went out toward North Chester; stopped at a house + inquired for Quakers, was taken up by a man in a buggy, + carried to Phila, to some white man's store, then to y A.S. office. Is cousin to one of y Chester-town party, lately forwarded.

Sent to Syracuse (Dinner).                                                             4.25

Dec. 5th. Jacob Hall, + his wife Cornelia came on from Pa. where they have been almost 5 mos. Jacob belonged to Col. Wm. Hutchins of Baltimore Co. Md. (Lady's Manor). + Cornelia to y Widow Sally McGall; was a waiter + farm-hand. Jacob took y Colonel's horses, one night, + drove about 15 or 18 miles to New Market, then turned y horses loose, to find their way back if they could.  Went forward on foot to Little York, Pa. where  they arrd that evening. A white person whom

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