Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

The Record of Fugitives > Book 1 (1855) > page [43]



March 22. Henry Chadborn, belonged to Ed' Johnson, near Richmond, hid himself on board y schr. Sarah Eliz'th, Capt. Hosskiss. Showed himself one day out, arr'd here, well treated by y capt. + was put on shore. Was picked up by Mrs. Howe of

N.J. + finally brot. to y office.

Sent to Syracuse.                                                                                          5.25

March 25th. David Cale, + his wife, from Middletown, Del. Master's name Wm. Wilson, David worked on a plantation, + his wife was free. She came off in y cars, + he walked to Wilmington. Thence sent to Phila.

Sent them to Albany.                                                                       3.50

March 27th. Isaiah Robinson from Norfolk belonged to Mrs. Davison + hired to one Vincent. He with seven others, five of whom were from Norfolk, his sister + three children being four, were taken on board a schr. belonging to Wilmington, Del. He left a wife, who is free, + means to join him behind. Has relatives in Boston. Sent him there.

Thomas T. Page, belonged to one Walters of Norfolk, was of y same party, a smart boy of

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