Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

The Record of Fugitives > Book 1 (1855) > page [19]



Nov. 10th. Harriett [Shepherd], with her five children, y youngest about 3 yers. of age, y oldest about 17, all slaves of John Dwar, living near Chester-town, Md.
with her brothers, + two other coloured men, borrowed two carriages + a pair of horses to each of their repective masters, + started on y night of Oct. 26th. for a free country, + arrd at 9 o' clk y next morning at Wilmington, Del. + tied up y horses at a store-door, went in + bought some cakes. Leaving y store they loitered
about for a while till they met a coloured man, whom they asked to direct them to a Quaker, + who took them to Thos. Garrett. Garrett himself had seen them in y street
Expenses                                                                                      $18.50

Nov. 17th.
Catherine Pitts (alias Ann Derickson, of Berlin, Md. arrd from Phila with one child, an infant in arms. Her master, John Pitts, a preacher + doctor, was, she understood, about to sell her, + her husband + brother advised her, she says to 'cut sticks.' Her husband took them in a wagon to Baltimore Hundred [Del.], thence she walked

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