Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

The Record of Fugitives > Book 2 (1856) > page [7]




went on to Washington, + has been concealed there all winter. On y journey to Harrisburg he became frost-bitten, from exposure in their night-travels. Sent to New Bedford where he has friends, He is determined to get his wife + children somehow.

Expenses.                                                                                          4

April 18th. Sam'l Hill, (nee Zebulon Green) from Duck Creek. (between Smyrna + Dover) Delaware, 17 yrs. old, master, John Appleton. Left last Sunday night, walked (by night) to Phila. Stopped at Chester, Pa + was aided by Mr. Murphy. His master worked him hard, clothed him poorly, + beat him. Has a brother at St. Catherine's Canada, who ran away a year ago, + whom he wishes to join.

Sent to Albany.                                                                                 2.25

April 30th. John Williams, + Mary, his wife from Haven Manor, 13 miles from Elkton, Md.  Master's name John Peach. Ran away last  Fall, but were caught between Newcastle + Wilmington, taken back, + whipped. Peach said if they ran away again, "he would have 'em, if he had to get to Hell for 'em." He


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