Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

The Record of Fugitives > Book 2 (1856) > page [33]




belonged to Nathan Skinner of of [sic] Alder, Loudon Co. Va. 23 yrs. of age. Betty Smith, alias Fanny Jackson, wife of last-named, belonged to Len. Hutchinson [Leon Hutcheson] of same place. 26 yrs of age.

            Frank, y first-named here, passed thro' last winter, + remained in Canada till July, when he returned to aid others. A dozen engaged to come off with him, but y three here from Va. alone kept y appointment (R.J.)

Paid for y company                                                                          $11.

Sept. 1st.  Benj. Wilson, alias Samuel Thornton, from John R. Brown's of Woodstock, Md. left a wife + two children for whom he thinks of returning.
Albany                                                                                               $1

Sept. 7th. Otho Taylor, from Henry Fiery of Washington Co. Md. has been here before, about 5 mos. since. He went to Canada, + earned about $80, + then

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