Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

The Record of Fugitives > Book 2 (1856) > page [20]



given to him by his grandfather.  Spence intended to sell him, + put him in jail at Christmas time, where he was kept 17 weeks. Was permitted to come on pretence of being sick, + remained out on y sick list 3 weeks before starting.  Walked to Phila, tho' his feet were badly frost-bitten while in jail

Sent y three to Albany                                                                        $7

June 16th. Alfred Homen from John W. Anderson’s, Rockville, Md.  Went to Washington and gave a man (Becket) $24 all he had to take him to Pa.  Was taken from one to another from Gettysburgh and by one of these good Samaratans was kept at work for a week, and paid 17c. hr. day. 

            Sent to Albany                                                                       $2

June 24th. Diana Bell, now Maria Devan from Mable [?] Simpson's of Frederick Co. Md.  was badly treated                                                                                              $4

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