Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

The Record of Fugitives > Book 2 (1856) > page [6]



April 11th. Three men arr'd from Phila Station, of y same party with Mathews (Apr. 4th) George Elias Logan, belonging to Sarah Jane Coston, + John Wm. Logan (cousins) belonging to Nancy Cox, all of Berkley Co. Va. near Georgetown. They report that Fiery [Fyrey] has been obliged to give up working his farm as his hands have all gone, + that Otho Taylor (April 7th) (one of y Fiery's people) had to whip his wife to make her consent to go. The Logans think that she will reckon it was y best whipping she ever hadin her life.

Sent to Albany                                                                                              4.50

With them was Chs. Carter of Richmond, Va. Dan'l Delaplaine was his master. He has a wife at Alexandria, + four children, slaves of Mr. Cuzneaw [?], whom he was allowed to go + see occasionally. Had a pass for that purpose at Christmas time; but having heard that his master, alarmed at y frequency of slaves' running away, + thinking that this very habit of going to Alexandria might lead Chs. to acquire a taste for travelling, had determined to sell him, he Charles concluded to indulge
his desire to see more of y world at once. He

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