Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

The Record of Fugitives > Book 2 (1856) > page [14]




master that she would probably follow him. His master came in one day with a man whom she had reason to suppose was a 'spectulater,' + she was sure that she was sold. They had no sooner left y room than she seized y child + fled to a house in y suburbs where she was told she would find refuge. Beneath this house, which was apparently without cellar, a place a few feet square had been excavated by y slave  who lived there, for y concealment of fugitives. It was entered by a trap-door, covered by a piece of carpet, on which stood a bed-stead. It had no window, + no means of light or ventiliation, except by y trap-door.  Into this y mother + child were put, + that has been their home for y last five months. When there were no persons about they were permitted to come out for a little while, but they slept there always, + sometimes remained there for days together. She was fed, she says, at y expense of a socy. among y slaves, organized to aid persons in her circum-


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