Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films


"Yolanda" was Cosmopolitan Productions Number 48.

Directed by Robert G. Vignola, the film was based on the 1905 novel by Charles Major, the same author whose work had been the basis of "When Knighthood Was In Flower." The scenario was by Luther Reed, and the costumes were designed by Gretl Urban.

For the New York world premiere on February 19, 1924, Victor Herbert composed and conducted an overture for the film.

The complete 11-reel film is held by the Musem of Modern Art and it has been issued on DVD.

From the TCM website: Traveling in disguise and under the name of Yolanda, Princess Mary of Burgundy (Marion Davies) falls in love with Maximillian (Ralph Graves), himself disguised as a knight, at a silk fair. Later he is imprisoned by conspirators but is saved from execution by the princess.

Threatened by war with the Swiss, her father, the Duke of Burgundy (Lyn Harding), cancels her matrimonial plans and betroths her to the half-witted Dauphin of France (Johnny Dooley).

Maximillian rescues her from the French court and following the Duke's death leads the Burgundians to victory in battle; the wedding of Maximillian and Mary is then announced.

Urban assembled a large number of Reference Photographs for his work on this film, now housed in Joseph Urban Collection Box C12 and C13.

Shown here is Urban's set for Mary's Chamber.

These photographs show the Camp of the Dauphin, Charles, Duke of Paris, and the interior of a tent.

Shown here is the set for the Presence Chamber and Balcony of Peronne Castle.

A bridge over the River Meuse.

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