Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

Unseeing Eyes

"Unseeing Eyes" is a lost 9-reel film that was Cosmopolitan Productions Number 45.

It was directed by Edward H. Griffith, based on the short story "Snow Blind" by Arthur Stringer that had appeared in Hearst's International Magazine in 1921, with a scenario by Bayard Veiller.

From the TCM website: Miriam Helston (Seena Owen) flies with ace pilot Conrad Dean (Lionel Barrymore) to her brother's silver mine in the Canadian Rocky Mountains to help him take possession from illegal operators "Frozen Face" Laird (Louis Wolheim) and a crew of cutthroat "halfbreeds."

Miriam has been summoned by Laird's squaw, Singing Pine (Frances Red Eagle), who is protecting Miriam's wounded brother, Dick Helston (Walter Miller). En route, pilot Dean is forced to make an emergency landing in the snow. He becomes separated from Miriam, who, lost and blinded by the storm, ends up in Laird's clutches. Dean rescues Miriam from Laird after he (Dean) and Dick are saved by Singing Pine. Laird is shot by Singing Pine's father. Dean and Miriam marry.

It is unclear from this synopsis where the scenes shown here fit into the story. The top photograph has been used as an actual photograph of Urban's Wiener Werkst├Ątte of America 5th Avenue showroom, but here it is clearly intended as a set for Cosmopolitan Number 45, as shown at the lower right corner of the image.

All three photographs show furniture designed by Joseph Urban.

The film premiered on October 21, 1923, and was filmed in large part in the Gray Rocks Resort of the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, Canada. During filming Hearst joined the film team at their headquarters at the landmark Hotel Frontenac in Quebec City.

In addition to many shots of other log cabins in snow such as these, Urban's Scrapbook Number 4 contains photos of the sets for Laird's Cabin; Priest's Cabin; and Club Room.

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