Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

The Passionate Pilgrim

"The Passionate Pilgrim" was Cosmopoitan Productions Number 11, and it debuted on January 2, 1921. It was directed by Robert G. Vignola and based on a novel by Samuel Merwin. An incomplete print survives in the Library of Congress.

From the TCM website: Author Henry Calverly (Matt Moore) serves a 3-year sentence to protect Madame Watt (Julia Swayne Gordon), his mother-in-law, who killed her husband. During this time, his wife Cecily (Mary Newcomb) dies.

Upon his release, he obtains a job as a reporter, under the name of Stafford, with a newspaper owned by the Cantey estate. He writes an exposé of Mayor Tim McIntyre, who through his alliance with Qualters, a trustee of the estate, has Calverly fired.

Majorie Daw (Frankie Mann), a "sob-writer" for the newspapers, arranges for him to assist Miriam Cantey (Rubye De Remer), invalid daughter of the testator, in writing a biography of her father. Calverly and Miriam fall in love, and her intense attachment hastens her recovery. Together they expose Qualters and McIntyre, who have been conspiring against her; and Miriam announces Calverly as her future husband.

Selected photographs of scenes shown here are of the Cantley Library, Miriam's Sitting Room, and Entrance Hall.

Heiress Miriam Cantley, played by Rubye De Remer, is an invalid and uses a wheelchair as shown in the photograph of her sitting room.

Shown here are the Newspaper Office, where ex-convict Henry Calverly, played by Matt Moore, works as a reporter under an assumed name, and Margie Daw's Office.

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