Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films


"Proxies" was Cosmopolitan Productions Number 16, released on May 1, 1921. It was directed and with a scenario by George D. Baker, from a story by Frank R. Adams.

The complete film is held by the Library of Congress.

From the TCM website: Peter Mendoza (Norman Kerry) and Clare Conway (Zena Keefe), ex-criminals, are butler and maid in the home of wealthy Christopher Darley (William H. Tooker) and are engaged. John Stover (Paul Everton), who recognizes Peter as a former convict, informs Darley and tries to embroil him in a fraudulent stock scheme, but he refuses.

When Stover obtains a proxy empowering him to outvote Darley, Peter contrives a general holdup of guests at a party, steals the proxy, and burns it. After escaping from the house, the couple disclose their motive to Darley; he then presents them with a country house as a wedding present.

These photographs from Urban's Scrapbook Number 2 show the Drawing Room and Hall of the Darley Mansion.

These photographs from Urban's Scrapbook Number 2 show the Darley Mansion Conservatory and Library.

Other photos in the Scrapbook show the sets for the Exterior of the Mansion, the Butler's Pantry, the Kitchen, and a Hotel Room.

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