Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

Find the Woman

Cosmopolitan Productions "Find the Woman" was released on April 2, 1922. Instead of a number, the film was given the designation A1 as shown in these photographs.

The director was again Tom Terriss and scenario by Doty Hobart, based on a 1921 novel by Arthur Somers Roche that had been published by Hearst's Cosmopolitan Book Company.

The Library of Congress holds 6 out of 7 reels of this film.

From the TMDB website: This whodunit bears no relation to the 1918 picture of the same name, but both films coincidentally had the same director, Tom Terriss. When sleazy theatrical agent Maurice Beiner (Arthur Donaldson) is found stabbed to death in his office, just about everybody is a suspect.

There's aspiring actress Clancy Deane (Eileen Huban), who was one of the last people to see him alive, and Sophie Carey (Alma Rubens) who knows he has some love letters she wrote to Judge Walbrough (George MacQuarrie) before she married her alcoholic husband, Don (Henry Sedley). Or is it Marc Weber (Norman Kerry), who had a falling out with Beiner, or Weber's devoted wife, Fay (Ethel Duray)?

Shown here is Urban's set for Judge Walbrough's Library.

From Joseph Urban's Scrapbook No. 2, these are his sets for Sophie's Studio, Boudoir, and the Interior of Sophie's Limousine.

Along with this photograph of the set for the Corridor Outside Beiner's Office, Urban's Scrapbook No. 2 includes the sets for Beiner's Outer Office and Inner Office, the District Attorney's Outer Office and Private Office, and the Hotel Napoli Office.

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