Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

The World and His Wife

"The World and His Wife," Cosmopolitan Productions Number 7, is a lost film that premiered on July 18, 1920.

Directed by Robert G. Vignola, with a scenario by Frances Marion, it was based on the 1908 Broadway play by Charles Frederic Nirdinger, that had been adapted from the Spanish play El Gran Galeoto by Jose Echegaray y Eizaguirre. Publicity described it as "A Flaming Romance of Old Seville."

Urban's difficulties with directors continued. The verso of the top photograph has the notation "as lit by Urban." The lower photograph has the notation "Camera Man Photo — Patio" with Urban's own penciled note "As lighted by director."

Alma Rubens starred in "The World and His Wife" as Teodora, wife of Don Julian played by Montague Love. Gaston Glass was Ernesto the young poet who comes to live with them.

These two photographs show a few of the interior sets for Don Julian's Home — Hallway and Studio.

These photographs show more details of the actual sets and lighting that Urban created for "The World and His Wife." The top photograph captures more of the details of Don Julian's Chapel. The next two photographs are of his Patio. And the bottom photograph Don Julian's Room.

Other photographs in Urban's Scrapbook Number 1 include Don Julian's Library, Ernesto's Father's Home, and the Inn interior and exterior.

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