Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

The Good Provider

"The Good Provider" was Cosmopolitan Productions Number 34, and is possibly lost.

Directed by Frank Borzage, it was based on a short story by Fannie Hurst that had appeared in the Saturday Evening Post in 1914, with a scenario by John Lynch.

Working as a peddler on the Lower East Side of New York, Julius Binswanger (Dore Davidson), a poor Jewish immigrant, is able to move his family to their own house in a small town north of the city. He becomes prosperous, opening his own shop.

Fifteen years later, great changes have transformed the family. Since his daughter, Pearl (Vivienne Battista), is in love with Max Teitlebaum (John Roche), a wealthy New Yorker, and because his children chafe at small-town life, Binswanger, with the help of his wife Becky (Vera Gordon), is persuaded to move back to New York.

Fast life at the Hotel Wellington, with exorbitant prices, appalls Julius; yet, he rejects his son Izzy's (William Collier Jr.) commercial ideas. Business troubles multiply, and when Izzy requests a loan to take over the business with Max, Julius passionately announces his bankruptcy and plans to take an overdose of sleeping powder.

Max, however, explains to Pearl that he will ask no dowry from her and wishes to form a partnership with Izzy. Becky announces the good news to Julius, Max and Pearl are happily united, and Julius and Becky return to their country home.

Shown here are the sets for the Interior of Binswager's First Home and Store, two views of Binswager's Remodeled Home Dining Room, and two views of the Exterior of the Remodeled Home.

Shown here are photographs of the Exterior of Binswager's Store, and two views of the Interior.

Other photographs in Joseph Urban's Scrapbook Numbr 3 include the sets for more rooms in the First Home and Remodeled Home; the Railroad Station north of New York City; and the sets for various scenes set in the Wellington Hotel.

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