Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

The Inside of the Cup

"The Inside of the Cup," Cosmopolitan Productions Number 10, had its debut on January 16, 1921. Directed by Albert Capellani, it was based on the best-selling novel by Winston Churchill (the American author) that had first been serialized in Hearst's Magazine from April 1912 until July 1913, before appearing in book form.

There is a complete copy of the film at the Library of Congress.

From the TCM website: John Hodder (William Pl Carleton) becomes rector of St. John's, a fashionable church situated near a slum neighborhood in the town of Bremerton.

Eldon Parr (David Torrence), a wealthy and prominent member of the parish, drives his daughter, Alison (Edith Hallor), and son, Preston (John Bohn), from home by his dishonest scheming.

Alice becomes a settlement worker, and Preston, forbidden to marry salesgirl Kate Marcy (Marguerite Clayton), is demoralized. Rector Hodder from the pulpit exposes the infamy of his congregation, pointing out the individuals and specifying their crimes, and refuses the elder Parr's demand that he resign, thus winning Alison's heart.

Garvin (Richard Carlyle), a man ruined by Parr financially, shoots Parr, then kills himself. Kate and Preston are reunited, and the parish becomes popular with the poor as well as with the rich.

Shown here are Marguerite Clayton as Kate Marcy and David Torrence as Eldon Parr.

The Church scene used in "The Inside of the Cup" looks very much like the similar scene in "Heliotrope." However, the verso of this photograph has Urban's comment:

"As a sample of how big and serious work is ruined through lighting and photography."

Selected photographs from Urban's Scrapbook Number 1 shown here are the Dining Room in the Parr Home, a Cabaret, and the Plimpton Real Estate Office.

Shown here are the sets for Settlement House — Work Room, Cheap Lodging House, and Poverty Stricken Home.

Other photographs in Urban's Scrapbook Number 1 include: Kate's Room, Garvin Cottage, Beatty's Cafe, a Hospital, a Bank,  more parts of the Church complex, and more rooms in the Parr Home.

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