Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

Straight Is the Way

"Straight is the Way," Cosmopolitan Productions Number 15, was directed by Robert G. Vignola and written by Frances Marion and Ethel Watts Mumford. The film was released on March 6, 1921.

The complete film is held by the Library of Congress and has been released on DVD.

Two thieves named Bob Carter (Matt Moore) and "Loot" Follet (George Parsons) take up residence in the unused part of the New Hampshire home of Aunt Mehitable Peabody (Mabel lbert) and her niece Dorcas (Gladys Leslie). When a loan shark presses Mehitable to pay the mortgage, the two crooks decide to help the ladies when they consult their Ouija board to find a hidden treasure. Finding the treasure reveals a surprise thief and a chance for new lives for the crooks, Dorcas, and Mehitable.

Shown here are the sets for the Peabody Home Living Room, Cellar, and Deserted Wing.

With Hearst's many storage warehouses full of collections, especially in the New York area, filling an antique shop with actual items was not a problem.

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