Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

Bride's Play

"The Bride's Play" was Cosmopolitan Productions Number 18, and it premiered on January 22, 1922. It was directed by George Terwilliger with a scenario by Mildred Considine, based on a play by Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne.

Marion Davies stars again in a dual role, playing the modern-day Irish country girl Aileen Barrett as well as the medieval Enid of Cashell.

The complete film is held by the Library of Congress and has been released on DVD by Edward Lorusso with music by Ben Model.

From the TCM Website: According to tradition, the Earl of Kenmare, Sir John Mansfield (Frank Shannon), selects for his wife Lady Enid of Cashel (Marion Davies), though she loves the Marquis of Muckross (Jack O'brien).

At the wedding ceremony she carries out the old custom of "The Bride's Play" — making a round of the guests and asking each man in turn if he is the one she loves best — until, suddenly, the Marquis of Muckross appears and carries her away.

Sir Fergus (Wyndham Standing), the earl's descendant, is about to marry Aileen Barrett and agrees that the old custom must be adhered to. At the wedding, Aileen's former lover, Bulmer Meade (Carlton Miller), a young Dublin poet who proved unworthy and was rejected, appears as she asks the question, but instead of winning her Meade receives a slap from Aileen, who rejoins her husband.

Much of the filming was done in Point Lobos on the Monterey Peninsula north of Hearst's San Simeon, the castle that he had begun building in 1919.

Shown here are Urban's sketches, a finished drawing, and photo for the Drawbridge scenes.

As the story switches back from modern-day to medieval Ireland, shown here is Urban's drawing for Enid's wedding and a scene in the medieval forecourt of the castle.

The lower photo shows the forecourt in modern times, with the medieval portcullus changed to an arched doorway on the right.

Shown here is Urban's drawing for the medieval Servants Hall in the castle.

Urban's diagram for the layout of Meade's Study.

This modern interior was the set for Meade's Studio.

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