Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

The Go-Getter

"The Go Getter" was Cosmopolitan Productions Number 42.

The film was directed by Edward H. Griffith, based on a short story by Peter B. Kyne, with a scenario by John Lynch. The film was released on April 8, 1923.

Only 1 reel of the film's 8 reels is known to survive, owned privately.

From the AllMovie website: Bill Peck (T. Roy Barnes) becomes a lumber salesman for the firm belonging to Cappy Ricks (William Norris). Peck also becomes infatuated with Mary Skinner (Seena Owen), the daughter of one of his other bosses, Charles Skinner (Tom Lewis).

Peck, the young go-getter, is overconfident. He makes up business cards for himself before even getting hired, and he proposes to Mary by making up engraved announcements for their wedding.

Ricks manages to bring his aggressive young employee down to earth by sending him on all sorts of impossible feats. The clincher is when he sends Peck out to obtain a blue vase by any means possible. After a lot of trouble, he gets it - only to discover that it's worth about ten cents. Nevertheless, he proves himself at his job and wins Mary's hand. 

Shown here are the sets for Cappy Ricks' Private Office and for the Ricks Library.

Shown here is a set for a Restaurant Dining Room and Corridor scene, and for Cohen the Tailor's Apartment.

So litle of this film is known to survive, and how these sets relate to the story is unclear. A good many of the photographs found in Urban's Scrapbook Number 4 relate to Cohen characters, including Cohen's Drugstore, Cohen the Barber, and Cohen the Bricklayer, as well as Cohen the Tailor.

Other sets include a Hospital Room, Hospital Hall, and Recreation Room, Ricks' Main Office, Skinner's Office, the Interior of a Private Railroad Car, Jack's Aviation Room, the Interior of an Antiques Shop, and Mary's Boudoir.

These photographs show the sets for the Interior of the Bird Store, and also the Crook's Den in the Cellar.

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