Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

Boomerang Bill

"Boomerang Bill" was Cosmopolitan Productions Number 26. Directed by Tom Terriss, with a scenario by Doty Hobart, it was released on February 12, 1922. It was adapted from a story by Jack Boyle, best known for his "Boston Blackie" series, that had been published in Hearst's Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1920.

Six of the seven reel film are held by the Library of Congress.

From the ALLMovie website: Although Lionel Barrymore was miscast as a gunman, he overcame this drawback by giving the role of Boomerang Bill an intensely human quality. The story opens with a young man about to leave the world of the straight and narrow. New York City police officer Terrence O'Malley (Frank Shannon) approaches him and points out a broken-down soul -Boomerang Bill - and uses his tale to convince the youth that crime does not pay.

Bill was a gunman, but when he saved pretty Annie (Marguerite Marsh) from the unwanted attentions of gangster Tony the Wop (Matthew Betts), he fell in love, and decided to go straight. But when her mother (Margaret Seddon) needed to go to the country for her health, Bill did one last heist to get up the needed funds. Tony informs the police and Bill went to prison, with Annie loyally vowing to wait for him.

But when her mother's illness continued, he let her go so she could marry a man who would support both her and her mother. When Bill got out of prison he went to see Annie, but as he peered through the window, he saw her happy with her mother and baby. So he went off to spend the rest of his days with a Chinese girl (Miriam Battista) who once cared for him. 

Shown here from Urban's Scrapbook Number 2 are the sets for Sam's Place (a coffee shop) and a Pool Room.

Shown here is the set for the front room of the Chinese Laundry. Other photographs in the scrapbook include the Jail Reception Room, Warden's Office, and Prison Corridor, Annie's Room, and Bill's Room.

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