Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

Just Around the Corner

"Just Around the Corner" was Cosmopolitan Productions Number 22, directed by Frances Marion who also created the scenario.

The film was released on December 11, 1921, and was based on the short story "Superman" by Fannie Hurst that had appeared in The Saturday Evening Post on January 20, 1914.

There is a complete copy of the film at the Library of Congress.

The widow Ma Birdsong (Margaret Seddon) is devoted to her two teenage children, Jimmy (Lewis Sargent) and Essie (Sigrid Holmquist). They live in poverty on New York's Lower East Side. Against her mother's wishes, Essie gets a job as a theater usher.

Essie becomes involved with Joe Ullman (Eddie Phillips), a young man of questionable morals. He refuses to meet her mother, even when told that Ma Birdsong is dying.

Desperate to allow her mother to die in peace, Ellie asks a passing stranger (Fred Thomson) to present himself as her fiance. He does, they fall in love, and marry.

These sets show the Birdsong Flat Living Room and Dining Room, the Bedroom, and the Kitchen.

Shown here from Urban's Scrapbook Number 2 are the sets for an Alley in winter, a Cigar Store, and a Pool Room.

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