Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

The Valley of Silent Men

"The Valley of Silent Men" was Cosmopolitan Productions Number 36. It was directed by Frank Borzage, and is based on a novel by James Oliver Curwood, with scenario by John Lynch. The film was released on September 10, 1922.

The Library of Congress holds 5 of the 7 reels.

From the 1922 publicity: The hunter becomes the hunted as Corporal James Kent (Lew Cody), of the Canadian Royal Mounted, fleeing, and fighting for his life, is guided to a secret valley, a refuge for wanted men, by a French-Canadian beauty, Marette Radison (Alma Ruben), with a secret of her own.

And from the TCM website: Seriously wounded in an ambush and believing himself to be near death, Corporal Kent assumes the guilt for a murder apparently committed by his friend, Jacques Radison (J. W. Johnston). Nevertheless, Jacques is arrested. Marette Radison hears of his plight and helps him escape to her home in the Valley of Silent Men. Closely pursued by Mounties, they all arrive just in time to hear her dying father (Mario Majeroni) confess to three murders.

Also involved in the plot is Inspector Kedsty of the Canadian Royal Mounted, played by George Nash. These sets show Kedsty's Cabin Downstairs and Upstairs.

Shown here are Urban's sets for Prison Cells and Guard Room, and Donald's Cabin with a cradle on display.

Other scene design photographs in Urban's Scrapbook Number 3 include Kent's Room in Kedsty Home, Kent's Hospital Room, Barkley's Log Cabin, Trapper's Cabin (Exterior and Interior) and Casche Cabin.

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