Joseph Urban and Cosmopolitan Films

The Wild Goose

"The Wild Goose" was Cosmopolitan Productions Number 19. It was directed by Albert Capellani, and is based on the novel by Gouverneur Morris IV that had been serialized in Hearst's Magazine from September 1918 to August 1919, and then published in book form by Charles Scribner's Sons in 1919. The film was released on June 5, 1921.

There is a copy of the complete film at the Library of Congress.

The film was marketed as "The story of a man who was true to one woman, though another man stole her away."

Diana Manners (played by Mary MacLaren) is married to architect Frank Manners (played by Holmes Herbert). While he is away on business in California, Diana falls in love with Ogden Fenn (played by Norman Kerry). They run off together taking Tam her daughter (played by Rita Rogan) with them. It does not end happily for Fenn.

Shown here from Urban's Scrapbook Number 2 are Manner's Country Home Hallway and Studio.

From Urban's Scrapbook Number 2, this is the set for Manner's City Studio.

Urban's sets for Diana's Room and the Nursery, shown here, are similar to the rooms that he had designed for his own children in his Vienna home before emigrating to America. And they directly echo the exhibition "Art in the Life of the Child" dsigned by Urban and others and presented by the Hagenbund in Vienna in 1902.

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