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Breve compendio de 2 repuestas alo que se le pregunto tocante el rezar con el general o solo y qual era el din y hazia.
Manuscript in Spanish on paper.
Amsterdam, 1720.
MS X893 Sa7
Rare Book and Manuscript Library

This manuscript is the result of a controversy regarding the application of kabbalah to daily practice.  David Mendes da Silva was seen ignoring the accepted practice of praying the 'Amidah, the main morning prayer, with the congregation, in favor of praying by himself in accordance with the kabbalistic practiced discussed in the Zohar.  This led to a 14 year controversy between those who believed that kabbalah should be used in daily practice, and those who felt that halakha (Jewish law) trumped the kabbalistic discussion.  During the course of the debate, da Silva was excommunicated for two weeks.

Gift of Congregation Temple Emanu-El, 1892.


Breve compendio de 2 repuestas: Title page.


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