Frances Perkins: The Woman Behind the New Deal

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Photograph of the two Perkins sisters

Fitton, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1885

Frances Perkins Papers, Box 150A

This photograph was taken when Fanny was five years old, and her sister Ethel was four months old.

Gift of Susan Perkins Coggeshall, 1973


Mount Holyoke College

The Llamarada, A Book Compiled by the Junior Class

[Springfield, Mass.: The F. A. Bassette Company, 1900]

Frances Perkins Papers, Box 163

Frances Perkins is listed with the sophomores, the Class of 1902, as Fanny Cora Perkins, 16 Cottage Street, Worcester, Mass.

Gift of Susanna Perkins Coggeshall, 1970

Jacob A. Riis

How the Other Half Lives, Studies Among the Tenements of New York

New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1890

B339.078 R449

Perkins read Jacob Riis’s study of the tenements of New York City during summer vacation while a student at Mount Holyoke. She never forgot the impact of that first reading.

Gift of Allan Nevins


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