Frances Perkins: The Woman Behind the New Deal

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 Frances Perkins

The Holy Trinity

Autograph manuscript, pencil, May 1910

Frances Perkins Papers, Box 121

This devout poem, “A man, a woman & a child,” shows the depth of Perkins’s feelings on family and motherhood that would remain unchanged by adversity, including two miscarriages prior to Susanna’s birth in 1916.

Gift of Susanna Perkins Coggeshall, 1988

Photograph of Frances Perkins, Paul Wilson, and Susanna Perkins Wilson

Maine?, ca. 1923

Frances Perkins Papers, Box 150A

The Perkins/Wilson family is shown here with Susanna's pony, Elsie.

Gift of Susanna Perkins Coggeshall, 1973


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