Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

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      Wm. Wilson, Blacksmith, Plymouth N. C.  Dr. Tom Warren, master, leaves wife.  42 years, left 4 weeks Wednesday, went right aboard the vessel.

      Andrew Williams, of So. End, Camden Co. N. C., Engineer.  Jno T. Williams master farmer, miller, etc.  Leaves wife and one child, left 7 weeks ago, took the vessel, about 27 years old.

     These all with the exception of Wiley Madison, came on the vessel

         Wednesday 12th

3 persons

John Henry Biged of Washington, John Moore master, Bacon and Lard merchant F St. bet 9th and 10th No. 349 left last Saturday week.  Leaves wife free woman.  Bad treatment.

 Henry Simms, same place.  Albert Berry master farmer and Negro trader, Prince Georges Co. leaves mother and 4 sisters.  Bad treatment.

 Betsy Stuart.  Mrs. Nesbitt owner up at Mrs. Gibbons

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