Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

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 Dec 30th 1856

Two men per Steamer Augusta from Savannah, on the 27th inst.  Albert McCealee [?], the older of the two and the leader, was the slave of Angelo Hull of Charleston, S. C., a tailor by trade (who is also the owner of 4 other persons) who is doing business at 133 Meeting St.

     Albert has once before attempted to escape from slavery but was not successful.  This time he did so by going aboard the vessel running from Charleston to Savannah some 120 or 130 miles.  Which he did by disguising himself as a Spaniard by wearing a wig and a different suit from his usual wear, and when arrived in Savannah he enjoyed the largest liberty as a foreigner unacquainted with the rules of the place such as smoking cigars.  He visited all the principal taverns and was suspected by no person of their purpose.

     He had arranged with a ‘chum’ working in the shop with him to go gunning in the country during Christmas week which afforded him an opportunity to escape.

     John Edward Drayton, his companion, came by the same steamer, was the slave of Wm. Brisbane, a planter in Charleston.  John was working in the same shop with Albert, as a tailor.  He is 23 years of age, quite white and will easily pass for what he represented himself to be.

Cash of Mr. Gay $4.00.


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