Sydney Howard Gay’s "Record of Fugitives"

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 [undated in hand of Morris]

One meal a day for 8 years.  James Morris Norfolk sold 3 times and threten to be sold the fourth.  Never was a loud But 25 cts every Satday Night.  Workd on old point and Ripraps 4 years.  Struck 4 hundred lashes by overseer choped cross the head with a hatchet and bled 3 days.  Tied hands and feet and knocked down with a stick, made to stand out in the cold 4 ours for punishment without shoes on.  Never ro lowed to walk later than 8 o clock at night without the lash or 2 dollars and a half.  I ave 2 brothers and one sister my mother and father lives also in Norfolk my fathers name is John Morris my mothers name is S. A. Bellah my sister is name fanny an my brothers name is Archable and ones name is Ed Ward.

     James Morris Esq Norfolk City Va.


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