Frances Perkins: The Woman Behind the New Deal

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President Harry Truman takes the Oath of Office

Washington, 12 April 1945

Frances Perkins Papers, Box 100

Gift of Frances Perkins

Frances Perkins

[Statement on the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt]

Typescript with autograph notes, April, 1945

Frances Perkins Papers, Box 46

Speaking directly for herself, Frances Perkins wrote of the death of President Roosevelt: “We in the Department of labor have a feeling of keen and personal sadness for we, with our hands and minds, were privileged to carry forward some of the work that had always lain closest to his heart … We knew, perhaps better than any, how kind and good he was, and how ever thoughtful of those in need of support and help.”

Gift of Frances Perkins

Felix Frankfurter

Typed letter, signed, to Frances Perkins

Washington, 25 May 1945

Frances Perkins Papers, Box 4

After Truman accepted her resignation, along with those of most of the FDR cabinet who had stayed to help in the transition to the new administration, Felix Frankfurter sent Perkins this graceful letter of congratulations for a job well done.

Gift of Frances Perkins

Frances Perkins

Photograph with other delegates to the International Labor Organization

Geneva?, 1952?

Frances Perkins Papers, Box 150A

In 1945, Perkins listed as one of her accomplishments her role in helping the U.S. to enter “into full membership and participation in” the ILO, “now so important for future international cooperation in this field.” She attended the ILO conferences in 1935, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1948 and 1952. She is shown here with a Mr. Van Haustein of Germany and a Mr. John of Sweden.

Gift of Susan Perkins Coggeshall, 1973


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