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Perush ‘al be’ur Ibn Rushd ‘al sefer ha- Melitsah shel Aristo; bound with Perush Mavo and Sefer ha-Ma'amarot.
Manuscript in Hebrew, on paper and parchment.
Ca. 15th century.
MS X893 Ar432
Rare Book and Manuscript Library

This manuscript can truly be considered a cross-cultural work.  This volume comprises a series of commentaries on Aristotle’s Organon.  These commentators include the renowned Arabic philosopher Ibn Rushd (Averroes), the Greek philosopher Porphyry, and a Jewish philosopher, Abraham ben Meshulam Avigdor.  Most likely written in the Iberian Peninsula or North Africa, this manuscript demonstrates the synergy between Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek cultures that was prevalent in philosophical circles in the medieval period.




Perush ʻal beʾur Iben Rushd: 1r


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