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211.  Alexei Remizov (1877-1957).  Deed (Gramota). Ink and gouache on paper, (20 x 26 cm.) Paris, April 24, 1932. RBML, Bakhmeteff Archive, Nikolai Vasilievich Zaretskii Papers

Russian modernist writer, Alexei Mikhailovich Remizov, did not belong to any particular movement. During his long and prolific literary career (1902-1957) he always experimented with old and often forgotten Russian words and expressions trying to revitalize the language. As a true Modernist, Remizov cultivated paradox and myth in life and writing. In 1908 he created a secret literary society "The Great Free Order of the Apes" (with its acronym Obezvelvolpal) ruled by the King Asyka. Remizov himself was a permanent Scribe of the Order and later invented its own Charter and personally designed hundreds of Deeds (Gramotas). In his designs he often used the Glagolitic letters (Old Slavonic alphabet). His literary game, started as a pure joke, later became a favorite entertainment for many famous Russian intellectuals such as Ivan Bunin, Nikolai Berdiaev, Vasilii Rozanov, Lev Shestov, Alexei Tolstoy and others.

Purchased from Nikolai Vasilievich Zaretskii, 1954-1957

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