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192.  Homer (fl. 9th or 8th century BCE?).  Ilias; Ulyssea; Batrachomyomachia; Hymni xxxii. Venice: Aldus and Andreae Asulanus, 1517. RBML, Plimpton Collection

The two volumes of this heavily annotated copy of Homer's works in Greek belonged to Philip Melancthon, the chief figure in the Lutheran Reformation after Martin Luther. Melancthon used it in his lectures to his pupils in 1518 in Wittenberg and presented it to Martin Luther, who may also have made some of the annotations. Melancthon began teaching at the University of Wittenberg in 1518, and it was there that he met Luther and formed with him a warm personal relationship, which, but for the years 1522-1527, lasted until Luther's death. Melancthon taught Greek and Latin literature and was a popular lecturer, frequently drawing more students than the much admired Luther.

Gift of George Arthur Plimpton, 1936

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