The Quran in East and West: Manuscripts and Printed Books

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Bibliothek Goussen, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Bonn.  The collection of about 850 printed books from the research library of Heinrich Goussen (1863-1927), a Roman Catholic priest and lecturer of Oriental languages and the history of Eastern Churches at the University of Bonn, is available at:  For more information on Goussen and his library, see:

Collaboration in Cataloging: Islamic Manuscripts at Michigan, Michigan University Libraries, 2009-2012.  Crowd-sourced cataloging project, available at:  For a project description, see: Evyn Kropf and Jonathan Rodgers, "Collaboration in Cataloguing: Islamic Manuscripts at Michigan," MELA Notes 82 (2009): 17-29.

Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies (COMSt), a research network programme of the European Science Foundation (ESF), 2009-2014.  The website offers outsiders access to the newsletter and provides a list of related research projects, and is available at:

Conversion of Islamic and Christian Dates, website created by J. Thomann for the Institute of Oriental Studies at Zurich University, 1996-2010.  Conversion tools for the Coptic, Persian (Era of Yazdigird), Islamic lunar (AH), and Ottoman māliyyah calendars are available at:

Die Damaszener Familienbibliothek Refaiya, Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig, 2008-2012.  The website provides access to digitized manuscripts as well as catalogs and research, and is available at:

Early Arabic Printing: Moveable Type & Lithography, Yale University Library, 2009.  Online exhibition, available at:

Fihrist: Islamic Manuscript Catalogue Online, British union catalogue for manuscripts in Arabic script.  The project originated with the Oxford and Cambridge Islamic Manuscript Catalogue Online (OCIMCO), 2009-2011, and is available at:

From Pen to Printing Press: Ten Centuries of Islamic Book Arts in Indiana University Collections, Indiana University Art Museum, 2009.  A permanent online version of the brick-and-mortar exhibition is available at:

International Qurʾanic Studies Association (IQSA)The website of a consultation which aims at the foundation of an independent learned society for scholars of the Quran in 2015 is available at:

Islamic Seals Database, Chester Beatty Library Dublin.  Crowd-sourced cataloguing project, available at:

Islamische Handschriften, Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig, 2006-2008.  Manuscript database, available at:

Islamic Heritage Project, Harvard University Library Open Collections Program.  Database of manuscripts, printed books, and maps, available at:

Islamic Manuscripts.  Resource website of Jan Just Witkam, professor emeritus of paleography and codicology of the Islamic world, Leiden University, available at:

Islamic Manuscripts, Walters Art Museum, 2008-2010.  Manuscript database, available at:  Slides of illuminated pages are also posted on the museum's photostream on Flickr:

Islamic Manuscripts of Cambridge Digital Library, Cambridge University Library.  Manuscript database, available at:

The Koran.  Searchable version of the English translation by M. H. Shakir (New York: Tahrike Tarsile Qurʾan, Inc., 1983), Michigan University Libraries, available at:

The Minassian Collection of Qurʾanic Manuscripts, Brown University Library, 2011.  Online exhibition, available at:

Near Eastern Manuscripts: Caro Minasian Collection, UCLA Library, 2007-2009.  The digitization project combined the creation of digital metadata and finding aids with the digitization of selected Arabic and Persian manuscripts.  A project description that links to the database is available at:     

Online Qurʾan Resources, compiled by Bruce B. Lawrence (Duke University) and Daniel Martin Varisco (Hofstra University).  Regularly updated collection of digital resources for the study of the Quran, available at:

Orient-Digital, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.  Manuscript database, available at:

Oriental Manuscripts, University of Edinburgh Library.  Manuscript database, available at:

Poetry and Prayer, Walters Art Museum, 2010.  Online version of the brick-and-mortar exhibition of Islamic manuscripts, available at:

Princeton Digital Library of Islamic Manuscripts, Princeton University Library.  A project description that links to the database is available at:  For the digitized catalogs and handlists published between 1938 and 2004, see the "Islamic Manuscripts" website of the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections:

Al-Qurʾan al-Karim: Sacred Verses, Beautiful Pages, Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, 2012.  An extended version of the brick-and-mortar exhibition of holdings from the collections of the Ashmolean Museum, the Bodleian Libraries, and Christopher T. Gandy, available at:

The Quran.  Searchable version of the Arabic text with the English translation by Pickthall, Perseus Digital Library of Tufts University, available at:

The Qurʾan.  Searchable version of the English translations by Yusuf Ali, Pickthall, and Shakir, Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement at the University of Southern California, available at:

The Quranic Arabic Corpus, 2009-2011.  The open source project was initiated by Kais Dukes as part of his doctoral research project on artificial intelligence and corpus linguistics at the School of Computing, University of Leeds (UK).  The website offers, among others features, parallel access to seven English Quran translations, and is available at:

Three Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, New York Public Library (NYPL), 2010-2011.   Website that accompanied the brick-and-mortar exhibition in the NYPL's Main Branch building, available at:

Treasures of Islamic Manuscript Painting, Morgan Library & Museum, 2011-2012.  Online exhibition, available at:

Wellcome Arabic Manuscripts Online, Wellcome Library, London.  Manuscript database with a focus on medical literature, available at:

Yemini Manuscript Digitization Initiative (YMDI), Princeton University Digital Library.  Database of Zaydī manuscripts from three private manuscript libraries in Sanaa (Yemen) and the Zaydī manuscript holdings of Princeton University Library (USA) and of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Germany), available at:


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