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Joseph Pulitzer

Manuscript document, Personal ledger

New York, March 31-April 18, 1888

Pulitzer Papers, Box 7

This document provides a small window into Pulitzer's personal expenses, including $1,000 "for the credit of Mrs. Pulitzer," $970.87 paid to August Belmont & Co. "for Exchange in favor of M. Bartholdi," and $870 for a Pullman Palace private car hired from Jersey City to Monterey, California, where he had been sent by his doctors for a rest cure that seemed more like exile to him.

Gift of Joseph Pulitzer, Jr.

Claridge's Hotel, London

Manuscript document, receipt for Edith Pulitzer's expenses

London, no date

Pulitzer Papers, Box 4

Edith Louise Pulitzer was the youngest daughter of Joseph and Kate Pulitzer, born in 1887. This document was written before December, 1911, when she married William S. Moore, a grandson of Clement Clarke Moore, just six weeks after the death of her father. She was Pulitzer's last surviving child, and died in New York at the age of 88 in April, 1975.

Gift of Joseph Pulitzer, Jr.


Varina Howell Davis

Autograph letter, signed to Joseph Pulitzer

[New York], January 3, 1906

Pulitzer Papers, Box 2

Varina Davis, first lady of the Confederate States of America, wife of President Jefferson Davis, and a cousin of Kate Pulitzer, was a great favorite of the Pulitzers. Here she writes to Joseph, thanking him for a New Year's gift of flowers and remembering happy times.

Gift of Joseph Pulitzer, Jr.


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