Caste, Ambedkar, and Contemporary India

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The All India Hindu Mahasabha, untouchable politics, and denationalizing conversions: the Moonje-Ambedkar pact 1 / Keith Meadowcroft. South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, Vol. 29, Issue 1, April 2006, pages 9-41. [Access restricted to Columbia University faculty & students]

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The Chamcha age (an era of the stooges) / Kanshi Ram.

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Making claims for power: a new agenda in Dalit politics of Uttar Pradesh, 1946-48 / Ramanarayan S. Rawat. (Sephis paper)

A Pre-history of Indian Secularism: Categories of Nationalism And Communalism In Emerging Definition Of India, Bombay Presidency C.1893-1932 / Tejani Shabnum. Doctoral Dissertation, Columbia University. Issue date: 2002. [Access restricted to Columbia University faculty & students]

Secularity, Modernity, Nation: an epistemology of the Dalit critique/ Aditya Nigam. 2000 (Sephis paper)

Towards a Postcolonial Modernity: AsiaSource interview with Partha Chatterjee / Nermeen Shaikh Q & A AsiaSource interview October 2004 [Access restricted to Columbia University faculty & students]

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