Caste, Ambedkar, and Contemporary India

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A verse work on Ambedkar in Sanskrit by Śrīkr̥ṣṇa Semavāla, includes English and Hindi translations. p.1
Poems written on subjects that incorporate views of Ambedkar in Hindi by Rasika Bihārī Mañjula. t.p.
A poem by Mahatma Phule expressing his views in a modern style. p.100

A poem by Dayā Pavāra, 1935-1996, on Siddhartha (Buddha), originally written in Marathi and translated into English by Jayashree Gokhale. p.116

A play on the life of Ambedkar, by Mātā Prasāda, 1925-
Expression of revolt, liberation, and emancipation in poetry of Manohar Jilthe, Bhagwan Sawai, and Tryambak Sapkale.


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