Barney Rosset and China

War (1944-1945) > Camaraderie

Although early correspondence between Barney and his parents suggests an initial inclination to be transferred out of his unit, a letter dated 5 April 1945 reveals that he has come to be quite pleased with his station. He feels safer and more comfortable where he is, and he mentions that he has developed quite a camaraderie with other members of the Signal Corps, as well as members of the OSS working in the area, especially Lt. "Muddy" Rhule.

The network of support in his unit is such that 1st Lt. Joe Passantino even writes a letter to Barney Rosset's parents, perhaps to arbitrate a dispute, or as he says, "remonstrating with a father because of some notions he has acquired about his son." Passantino clarifies rumors circulating Barney's coverage of a recently captured airbase, and asserts that Barney had deserved the promotion to first lieutenant for which he had recommended him, but which has been denied.

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