Cornelius Vander Starr, His Life and Work

Coping with the Japanese Occupation

Special Transit Permit Pass

Special Transit Pass Permit

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Even during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai, C.V. Starr managed to move around with this Special Transit Pass Permit.  It is made out to:  C.V. Sutā (i.e. C.V. Starr);  Gender: Male;  Nationality: U.S. Citizen;  Purpose: To reside in Hongqiao;  Address: 44 Hongqiao Lu;  Occupation: Insurance Company employee.

The card, good from May 18, 1940 to May 17, 1941, bears Starr's signature, and his age is given as 47.  The agent who stamped the permit was Army Infantry 2nd Lieutenant Komori Ken'ichi of the Shanghai Defense Guard Headquarter.


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