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(1) Kontsert-Bal

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(2) Sigareten fur di militsionern

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(3) Poster for the Yiddish-French folk library

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Yiddish Activisim in France

c. 1930s

Zosa Szajkowski Collection, Flat Box, Item 9

Bakhmeteff Archive

Zosa Szajkowski has dubious fame as the so-called “archive thief” for his thefts from European archives after World War II.  Before his nefarious activities, however, he wrote articles for the Communist Naye Prese about Eastern European immigrants in France, and was very involved in raising money for various human rights causes.

(1) This poster, from Szajkowski’s collection, describes a performance to raise funds for Jewish children in Eastern Europe.  The event was an evening “Concert Ball,” featuring various performers. The poster indicates that twenty percent of the proceeds would go to support Jewish Children in Poland.

(2) This poster advertises "cigarettes for the militia," probably referring to Jewish volunteers for the International Brigades for the Spanish Civil War, interred in the south of France (Gurs and St. Cyprien). Thanks to Gerben Zaagsma for his help identifying this poster.

(3) This poster invites people to come to the Yiddish-French Folk Library to study and read.

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