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Sex in Education; or A Fair Chance for Girls

Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1874

Plimpton 376 1874 C55

From the preface: “Great plainness of speech will be observed throughout this essay. The nature of the subject it discusses, the general misapprehension both of the strong and weak points in the physiology of the woman question, and the ignorance displayed by many, of what the co-education of the sexes really means, all forbid that ambiguity of language or euphemism of expression should be employed in the discussion. The subject is treated solely from the standpoint of physiology. Technical terms have been employed, only where their use is more exact or less offensive than common ones.”

Gift of George Arthur Plimpton


Sex and Education. A Reply

Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1874

Plimpton 376 1874 C551

Julia Ward Howe is best known as the author of the words to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” written in 1862. She also created Mother’s Day in 1870 with her “Mother’s Day Proclamation.” Thereafter, she was very active in working for peace and for women’s suffrage. She edited this volume of essays in reply to Clarke’s Sex in Education and contributed the first entry.

Gift of George Arthur Plimpton


The Education of Women

Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, [1910]


Gift of George Arthur Plimpton

JOHN DEWEY, 1859-1952

Letter to George A. Plimpton

New York, typed letter, signed, November 12, 1924

Plimpton Papers

John Dewey, Professor of Philosophy at Columbia, wrote this letter to Plimpton giving specific recommendations for a summer school for Turkish women teachers as a program that should be sponsored by the Constantinople College for Women. Dewey joined the Columbia faculty in 1904, and would remain at Columbia for the rest of his life.

Gift of George Arthur Plimpton


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