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This pocket deck of photoprints accompanies a large folio album by Joseph Nash (1809-1878), entitled Views of the Interior and Exterior of Windsor Castle. Trained by Augustus Charles Pugin (1762-1832), a specialist in gothic architecture, Nash was a lithographer who became best known for his illustrations of architectural subjects.


Nash accompanied Pugin to Paris, making drawings for Pugin's Paris and Its Environs: Displayed in a Series of Two-Hundred Picturesque Views. Nash subsequently released a publication of his own lithographs devoted to Pugin's work, the Series of Views, Illustrative of Pugin's Examples of Gothic Architecture of 1830. This was followed by the Architecture of the Middle Ages Drawn from Nature and on Stone in 1838. A departure from medieval (or medieval revival) subjects, Sir David Wilkie's Sketches in Turkey, Syria, and Egypt, 1840 & 1841, illustrated with lithographs by Nash, was published in 1843. In the four-volume Mansions of England in the Olden Time, published between 1839 and 1848, Nash returned to the theme of medieval architecture. The Views of the Interior and Exterior of Windsor Castle formed a supplement to this work. 

In addition to his pupil Nash, Pugin's son, Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-1852), became a major figure in the gothic revival movement whose influence can be seen in the design of Westminster Palace. Augustus W.N. Pugin's books in the Avery Classics collection include a Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Costume (1844), Treatise on Chancel Screens and Rood Lofts (1851), and Floriated Ornament (1875).

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