The Jews of Corfu: Between the Adriatic and the Ionian

Education and Medicine

Unlike in many other cities in Europe, there were no official limitations in Corfu as to who was allowed to engage in certain professions. As such, there were many Jews who worked as doctors, lawyers, and in other fields. The first two documents are (1) an illustrated medical diploma for Menahem ben Natan Azzar and (2) a printed - and filled in - diploma certifying the same Menahem as a surgeon, from the Colleges of Padua and Venice. The illustrated diploma has been digitized in its entirety, and is available here. In 1762, Simha (Simone) Calimani composed and printed a poem celebrating the occasion of Jacob ben Mordehai ha-Cohen's graduation from the medical school in Padua.

This pamphlet transcribes lectures given by Cesare Usiglio and Abramo Leone de Semo upon the opening of a new Jewish school in Corfu. The school was formed by a committee with representatives of both the Italian and the Greek communities. The syllabus included Hebrew, Italian, math, writing, and job training.

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