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124.  Antiphonal. Manuscript on parchment, 171 leaves. Perugia, Italy, 1473. RBML, Plimpton MS 41

Payment records survive to document the date, the scribe, and the miniaturist of this antiphonal: it was copied in 1473 by one Don Alvise, and the artist was Giapeco Caporali. It is one of a set of four antiphonals: the present book covers the Sanctorale from the vigil of Andrew (29 November) through John and Paul (26 June); a second volume finishes the Sanctorale, and the Temporale occupies another two. The other three volumes of the set are in Perugia to this day. All bear the characteristic ownership note and call number inscribed at the foot of f. 1: "This antiphonal belongs to the congregation of St. Justina (the saint with the martyr's palm in the roundel in the upper margin), of the order of St. Benedict (in his black robes in the roundel to the right), assigned to the use of the monks of St. Peter's in Perugia (Peter with his keys is in the bottom roundel)." The historiated initial depicts the calling of Andrew, as he leaves his boat to follow Jesus (Mark. 1:16-18).Though this antiphonal is bound in diced Russia leather dating from the 17th century, it retains most of the original 15th century metal ornaments (including the stamps of the Holy Monogram, the Agnus Dei, a sunburst, and a flower).

Gift of George Arthur Plimpton, 1936

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