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91.  Grant of the monastery of San Salvador de Cornellana to Cluny. Manuscript document on parchment, Lugo (?), Spain, March 7, 1122 CE. RBML, Smith Documents 2

Although this is one of a constellation of three 12th century copies containing the same text with variant readings, the present document has not been studied in context with the others to ascertain its recipient. Presumably the three copies were to be retained by the parties concerned: the French Benedictine monastery of Cluny; the Spanish monastery of San Salvador; the donating family. It has been speculated that Count Suero Vermúdez and his wife, Enderquina made the donation in order to ingratiate themselves with the clergy, thus counterbalancing the power of the queen of León and Castile, Urraca (1081-1126). It was nonetheless Urraca herself, her son Alfonso and her daughter Sancia who confirmed the donation, along with four bishops, two priors, another count and a host of nobles listed in two long columns of witnesses at the end of the document. Another charter, dated eight years later, determined that, independently of the choices of the by-then king, Alfonso VII and of Count Suero, the donation was legal and must take effect (showing how little interest there had been on the part of king and count to bring the 1122 donation to effect).

Gift of David Eugene Smith, 1931

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