Omeka Demo

Content Blocks > Gallery

The Gallery content block creates a gallery of Thumbnail images (as is the case here) or Square Thumbnail images*. You select the filesize from the Gallery File Size drop-down in Layout Options. In addition to Thumbnails and Square Thumbnails you can also chose to use a Showcase file - a full size image that is placed either to the right or left of a page. 

Do not enter text in the text box that is part of the Gallery content block if you want your display to look like the one here - horizontal row(s) with up to four images in each row. You can opt to have no text at all or to add a separate Text block above or below the images (as is the case here).

note: The Square Thumbnail is created by cropping a square section from the center of an image. Sometimes - depending on your image - part of the image may be cut off.

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